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 Halo:CE Anniversary

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Retarded Bishōjo
Retarded Bishōjo

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PostSubject: Halo:CE Anniversary    Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:19 am

343 podcast om Halo CEA

Quote :
- Includes Halo: CE campaign remastered and the Halo: Reach multiplayer suite with 7 maps (6 multiplayer map remakes from Halo 1+2 and 1 new Firefight map, playable from the disc or they can be added to your hard drive to play as additional maps for Reach). Doesn't include any previous Halo: Reach maps.
- RRP: $39.99 (US), £34.99 (UK).
- Release Date: November 15th 2011 worldwide (exactly 10 years since Halo: CE's US release).
- You can switch between classic and new graphics in real time, and the campaign has the same gameplay and physics system that the original had.
- Music re-recorded, sound remastered. Animations and cinematics are being reworked.
- New matchmaking options for a more classic multiplayer experience.
- Lots of new Easter Eggs and other surprises have been added, including motion comics.

Ca 300 Nok

Skal du ha dette spillet?! Jeg vurderer sterkt. jeg likte halo 1 ekstremt mye da det først kom ut. Jeg har spilt multiplayer i flere månder med venner.
Lurer på om det kommer Achievements, dog som er veldig relevant til 360 fra før duh..

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Mr. Needlemouse
Mr. Needlemouse

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PostSubject: Re: Halo:CE Anniversary    Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:31 pm

"Better with Kinect" Razz

Jeg har aldri spilt Halo CE, så dette høres fristende ut. Gleder meg til å se hvordan det hele startet. Smile
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Halo:CE Anniversary
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